SFX – Personalized Photographic Wall Art

At Chisolm Studios, our goal is to create photography that is extraordinary, and in keeping with that desire we are proud to introduce our new product line, SFX! Combining our photography and digital artistic talent, SFX yields a truly unique look. SFX is original art created to be as distinctive as the person we photograph.

Celebrate the achievements of a loved one with a custom SFX wall art piece. Commemorate their passion for sports, dance, music, anything and everything, with a SFX wall print.

Each original work starts with a consultation appointment to discuss the details of the photo session. We may photograph inside the studio, on location, or both. Images are then selected, and the digital work begins. Each image is transformed into an exclusive work of art.

SFX images are available individually, or multiple images can be combined together into a larger finished work. We are proud of the work we create, and we want you to be Taken by the Picture!

SFX prints are available as standard prints, canvas wraps, or on metal substrates. Pricing starts at $495, session fee included.

Click the links below to see our SFX process.